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Yoga Classes at Studio 10 8

We offer high-quality instruction and daily classes for students of all levels in a friendly environment. Through all classes at Studio 10 8 Yoga we teach a dynamic, focused, and deeply organic approach to the 8 limbs of classical yoga.

There is no “perfect” or “ideal” aesthetic of yoga poses to compare, compete or strive for.  This is the beauty of yoga.  Everyone can practice yoga.  The benefits of a yoga practice are limitless.

Studio 10 8 is not a “hot” yoga studio.  Specific class sequences and poses create either heat or coolness using the body’s natural, internal response system.  The studios are kept at a comfortable temperature, warm enough to allow the body to safely open without injury to muscles & tissues.  In this way, focused awareness is brought to techniques we can implement to regulate our own body heat.  You may want to bring a small towel along with you for the Vinyasa classes.

Though each style of yoga has its own unique quality, all styles come from the same root and share many common characteristics and complement each other well. We encourage students to sample different styles, levels, and teachers to find the most appropriate and inspiring classes to suit their individual needs.

As we evolve as a learning center offering classes, courses and workshops that shed light on the interpenetrating nature of yoga with all other aspects of life, we welcome your questions, feedback and insights.

Dallas area yoga classes



Studio 10 8 Yoga Class Descriptions

Class Level Key

AL = All Levels

B = Beginner

I = Intermediate

A = Advanced

Core Yoga (I)

Yoga postures that strengthen and stabilize the abdominal and back muscles.  Vinyasa-based practice that includes stretching postures to balance out strengthening muscles with lengthening tissues and opening tight areas of the body.  Incorporating a strong core in your practice on the mat can help free you from common injuries in your activities off the mat.  Some yoga experience is recommended.

Gentle Yoga (B, AL)

Designed for those desiring to work at a slower pace to increase strength, flexibility & range of motion.  Class includes gentle vinyasa, yin and restorative postures as well as pranayama (breathing) techniques, meditation and relaxation.

Relax and Restore (B, AL)

Likened to the “sweet dessert” of yoga styles, Restorative yoga allows the student to linger in soothing stillness. The postures are deeply supported by blankets, blocks and bolsters and are held for several minutes at a time.

Restorative Yoga will help you relieve stress and gain confidence in your body’s strength, balance and flexibility.  In time and with practice, you will be rewarded with the ability to drop with effortlessness into a place of deep contentment wherever you are, on or off of your yoga mat.  Enjoy the benefits of meditative breathing in a class designed to help rejuvenate you by stretching the body and calming the mind.

Vinyasa (Active Beginners, I, A)

An energetic, flowing class synchronizing breath with movement, allowing your yoga practice to become a moving meditation.  Build strength, flexibility and lung capacity while improving balance and concentration.  Vinyasa relieves stress and tension in the body and calms and centers the mind.  Each class will include a flowing practice, breathwork, meditation, relaxation and thorough instructions on refinement of poses.  Students are encouraged and shown how to modify poses and work at their own level.

Our Vinyasa classes include Vinyasa 1, a slower and more instructional class appropriate for active beginners to intermediate practitioners, and Vinyasa 1-2, an active beginner-to-advanced level class with faster flows and more advanced postures.

Yang/Yin Yoga (AL)

Designed to offer the balancing effects of yang (active) and yin (passive) styles of yoga.  The first half of each class begins with Sun Salutations and dynamic flows through energetic yang-style postures.  Quiet, gentle and more passive Yin postures will follow that allow you to find a new level of openness.  Appropriate for all-levels ~ some yoga experience recommended.

Yin Yoga (B, AL)

A quiet practice of floor stretches that safely encourages the opening of connective tissues, leaving the student feeling light, spacious and relaxed.  A perfect class for beginners and advanced practitioners as well as athletes wishing to gain flexibility to complement more vigorous sports.

Yoga Fundamentals (B, I)

An informal class setting to introduce yoga poses using props, alignment, relaxation, breathing techniques & philosophy.  Perfect for students new to yoga or continuing students wishing to refine their practice.

TGIY(thank goodness it’s Yoga!)Fridays!

Celebrate Yoga!!  All Friday classes are One Hour in length and a special rate of $10.  Pay for a drop-in or use your class package.


Our yoga studio is conveniently located to the Coppell, Dallas, Lewisville, Irving, Flower Mound, Carrollton, and Grapvine areas.


Studio 10 8 New Student Introductory Offer:

Two weeks of Unlimited Yoga for $15

New student special will enable you to try our wide variety of classes and instructors.  Within the two-week period, you may purchase either a new yoga mat or your first class package at 10% off the regular price (discount does not apply to single drop-in classes).  You may also apply the discount towards your first month of unlimited auto-renew.

Terms & Conditions:  Introductory offer may only be purchased by individuals who have never attended a class at Studio 10 8 Yoga.  Offer is valid for 14 consecutive days starting from date of first class attended using the package.  No extentions, refunds or transfers.  May be purchased only at time of first class attended at studio.

Please note:  New Student Special cannot be purchased online.  Please visit the studio front desk to register for the introductory offer.


Drop-in Class Packages

Single Drop-in Class $14

5 Drop-in classes in 3 months $65

10 Drop-in classes in 3 months $120

15 Drop-in classes in 3 months $165 

All drop-in class packages expire 3 months from date of first class attended on the package.  No extentions, refunds or transfers.  Not valid for Prenatal yoga classes.


Unlimited Class Packages

1 Month Package $99

3 Month Package $249 

6 Month Package $449

1 Year Package $869

Single Person Monthly Unlimited Auto-Renew $79 per month

Couples Monthly Unlimited Auto-Renew $109 per month (Couples must reside in the same household)

Family Unlimited Auto-Renew $139 per month (for immediate family in same household, children age 14+ (children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult to yoga classes))

Auto-Renew Packages:  Automatic credit/debit card charge each month.  No partial months, extensions or refunds.  Must provide written notice 15 days before next charge to cancel.  Three month minimum commitment.  Please drop by the studio to set up monthly unlimited auto-renew packages.


Student (w/ Valid School I.D.) and Age 50 & above Rates

Single Drop-in Class $10

10 Drop-in Classes in 3 months $80 

All drop-in class packages expire 3 months from date of first class attended on the package.  No extentions, refunds or transfers.  Not valid for Prenatal yoga classes.  Children age 14+ may attend yoga classes (children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult to class).


All 8-week series $108


Private Instruction Fees

1 student $80 per 75 minute session

For each additional Student $20 (maximum 3 additional people)

Purchase 5 sessions and get 1 FREE

($30 late cancellation fee without a 12 hour notice)


* Please note:  All class sales are final, nonrefundable & nontransferable*


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